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무료 수학프로그램. SMath 강좌.

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SMATH업데이트. SMath Studio 0.97.5737 available
이석종  2015-09-28 21:02:37, 조회 : 4,232, 추천 : 243

SMATH가 지난 9월 17일부로 새로운 버전을 공개했습니다.

Latest changes (against to the latest nightly build: SMath Studio 0.97.5576)

-Scrolling within Reference Book restored;
-Added ability to paste inside text element of MathRegion;
-Fixed issue appeared when newer version of built-in plug-in required for worksheet opening;
-Fixed issue when items from Menu > Insert not updated after new plug-in(s) installed;
-SS-170: Unwanted automatic Image region resize on file open to fit into printing bounds fixed;
-SS-2268: Broken equation on inserting factorial or boolean not operators for selected equation's part fixed;
-Displaying sum(1) and int(2) functions corrected;
-Internal: Symbol for 'minus/plus' operator changed from '%';
-'%' symbol can be used for variables, text and units inside Math region now;
-Handling of erorrs on evaluation performed by Custom Regions plug-ins improved (stability improvement);
-Language files updated;

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